Private Yoga & Meditation classes

Deepen your understanding of the refined alignment of the poses by having one on one adjustment and supervision. This sessions are highly recommended in case you have an injury: lower back pain, shoulder, knees, neck, wrist, etc. Anusara Yoga alignment principles are therapeutic and by applying them to the poses you can heal almost any bio-mechanical injury. 


This classes can be online, in my studio or at your place. To schedule a class just click the Botton below, to have acmes to my calendar.

Tomás Rodriguez

A Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Teacher, I have cultivated practices for three decades that focus on consciousness, the body, as well as of the emotions, mind and spirit. When I met my spiritual teacher at 16, I received an initiation that forever changed my perception and awareness. The impact was so powerful that from then on I committed myself to the study and practice of Tantric Yoga. I continue to deepen my inner journey through daily practice, and extended residence in ashrams in New York and India. I find immense fulfillment in helping others to shift their awareness from suffering to states of calm and contentment.

I am an E-RYT 500 Teacher with 18 years of experience teaching Anusara Yoga and Meditation. In 2002 I began teaching yoga. I have taken numerous teacher´s trainings of hatha yoga in New York, Argentina and India, in the Anusara® style with many anusara teachers, to mention a few: John Friend (founder of Anusara® Yoga style), Jayendra Henley, Jordan Bloom, Susana Garcia and BJ Galvan, managing to have more than 5 immersions (5 days intensive training in philosophy and technique of alignment of hatha yoga), totaling more than 500 hours of training, which in time has made him recipient of the third level of certification the Anusara School of Yoga offers:  Anusara® Certified teacher with 17 years of teaching experience 

"Anusara yoga is a nationally Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance.   Anusara yoga certification is among the most professional and demanding in the industry of yoga teaching. All certified Anusara yoga teachers complete several years of study, go through multiple teacher training courses, and teach professionally for at least four years, before formally entering the certification process.”