The Ultimate Truth

When I was 16 years old, I entered in to a phase of my life of deep questioning, I wanted to know the truth about our existence, why are we here?, what is the purpose of all this?, where are we going? I had to take decisiones in my life, like what career to puersue, or being able to udecide what is right and what is wrong. I started questioning my christian beliefs since I had recently discovered I was gay, and many of the christian dogmas didn't make any sense to me. I started reader different thinkers, like Erich Fromm and Hermann Hesse, they all where people that allow themselves to question society's dogmas and re-think again human existence. Until I finally found a book written by an Indian guru that make think about the truth in a different way. Instead of trying to find the truth in the form of a concept or an idea or ,    The truth can never be something outside of you, given that perception is creation, the moment you perceive something, you create it for yourself, so if you want to have the ultimate truth, you have to know yourself first, you have to understand what you are, and that is the reason we meditate, to find what is the reality of my existence and knowing that have a strong foundation on which to build up my understanding of life, if there is no steady ground within, I will always live with an underlying insecurity

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