Life Coaching

Helping you move from the state of agitation, confusion and exhaustion

to the innate space of serenity, vitality and clarity of purpose.

Imagine yourself moving forward with confidence, breathing freely and with a clear path.



Feeling stable, safe and grounded is essential in any process of growth and expansion. As a Mindfulness Coach I seek to reconnect you with your innate self-trust and resources.


We cannot solve a problem from the state of consciousness from which we generate it. My role is to bring you a reflective space from where you can glimpse a broader reality that allows you to move forward.


Insight and intuition emerge when we recognize that the resources and answers are within us. My role is to generate this space for deep inner listening.

My coaching style is highly influenced by my 25 years of yoga and meditation practice. These have allowed me tto be more aware of what is emerging within mr in the form of sensations, emotions and the underlaying narrative associated. It is said that the body shouts what the mind is silent, and what I offer my client is a space so that they can also listen to what is arising within them.


What is behind much of our suffering are habits and beliefs that are not easy to recognize by simply talking, we have to go deeper than the conscious mind. For this we use techniques such as Body-Centered Inquiry and Bioneuroemotion to be able to clearly perceive what underlies our conflicts and areas where we feel stuck, bring them to light, and then choose how we wish to act from a place of conscious freedom.


Sessions tend to generate:

  • Higher levels of self-awareness, 
  • Greater capacity to recognize emotions, feelings and deep longings,
  • Supportive in overcoming rigid self-defeating belief structures that may not be aligned with our full potential, 
  • Increased skills in relating to ourselves and others with an appreciation of each other strengths and self-worth. 
  • Capacity to move forward with enthusiasm in the pursuit of our life's purpose.


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 "It isn't an overstatement to say that my essions with Tomas have changed my life. He digs deep to discover what's the actual issue underneath these emotions, and believe me, you will know when he's reached the bottom of it all. Tomas has given me the clarity to understand that my happiness is nothing more and nothing less than my choice and my responsibility. I have inevitably become more compassionate towards myself and others, and definitely live a happier, richer life thanks to him!" - María Pía Petrica - Madrid, España.

     "I can only say that Tomas has mastered the only language common to all human beings: the language of the soul.  I have worked with Tomás since September 2016. His complete presence, and compassionate approach helped create the conditions to get to the root of things, where I could recognize and see, and from this place, create new possibilities for myself. His guidance has been a source of transformation and important shifts in my life for which I am forever grateful. I recommend working with Tomás enthusiastically." - Giselle Segura. Miami Fl

"Tomas opens my eyes and heart to recognize my feelings and true pain. He makes me feel safe and allows me to show, who I really am, free of judgments. To embrace my weakness and to find enough peace and quiet, to see that I'm human and that I'm allowed to feel and cry. Tomas, I thank you for giving me freedom and also, showing me how to stand up for myself. I'm blessed to have you as my accompanist, my guide, and my dear friend". -  Elvira Flores. Miami Fl

"At a time in my life when things were not turning the way I thought they should, I am very grateful to have met Tomas Rodriguez. His approach, technology, know-how, and guidance takes you thru an excellent path to enlighten you towards the road you should travel in life. He allowed me to see things from another perspective. Excellent and wonderful experience. I certainly do highly recommend him." - Alfonzo Miranda-Daleccio. San José de Puerto Rico