The Meditation Retreat

There are two types of meditation practice: Maintenance meditation and breakthrough meditation. The retreat is where we immerse ourselves in a body-mind practices that help us go deeper in our liberating self-inquiry practice. 


Retreat from your daily activities, enter into a sacred atmosphere of silence and simplicity where the revelation of the different layers of your Self can occur, opening to it´s nurturing wisdom. Gather your energies for an inner journey, is time to dedicate yourself to deep healing, and realign with the highest within you. Take hold of the transformative practices of yoga to release and realign body, emotions, and mind with Spirit. Share with others practitioners your own inner journey and be nurtured by others experiences and perspectives.


 In this retreat, I invite you to create that space in community, through the reflective practice of the four pillars of meditation: body, breath, mantra and "letting be". At the same time, it is a place to connect with other practitioners and nurture ourselves from the collective experience.


The retreat is in silence to support the introspection process, although we will also have spaces to share. It consists of 4 meditations each one taking us deeper in to our connection with our primordial self, accompanied by short yoga and breathing practices to support the body in the process of inner opening.


9:30-10:00     1st Session

10:00-10:30   Pause

10:30-12:00    2nd Session

12:00-14:00    Lunch Pause

15:00-15:30    3rd Session

15:30-16:00    Pause

16:00-17:30    4th Session  


Logistical Details:

Retreats happen on Saturdays

Next 2020 retreat will be announced soon

Vegetarian Gastronomy

Lunch and snacks will be led by an experienced chef, who will design a delicious special menu for the retreat.

Would you like to participate in a meditation retreat?


"I see great progress, and I feel very happy and motivated by it. A thousand thanks for your work and dedication to our group. You are making a difference in my life and I consider you one of my mentors and teachers on this spiritual path." ~ Liliana Ary, Texas, USA.

"Through the meditations I became aware of deeply held emotions and belief systems that were generating a state of disharmony within me, which had been holding me back and causing pain. By using the techniques, I experienced beautiful moments of release, clarity, and new understandings."- Giselle Marzo, Miami, USA

“Thanks to the teachings of Tomás, I have discovered a great love for this discipline and enjoy its benefits every day. What I have liked the most is the humility with which he teaches. This makes your message get through and it becomes a tool that we can use at all times ”. - Susana Ceccato, Miami, USA

"Throughout my life I have gone through very difficult situations and to be honest I never felt such inner peace, that which you make us feel when you speak to us with your heart in your hand and from the depths of your being." - Rosario Ferrante, Miami, USA

“I have loved the course. It has given me a lot of security, peace and quiet. It has helped me to realize that I don't need to change or fight anything to meditate. I have learned to let go and that has helped me feel more peace. "- Amparo Hernández, Miami, USA

"I like the way I feel. When I start the day after meditating, my thought about what I am going to do that day is clear and precise." ~ Zulema Zarzalejo, New York, USA