21 Day Meditation Challenge

From the finite to the infinite

Starts Monday the 7th of March till the 27th of March from 6:30am a 7am EDT

"The term Sadhana

comes from the Sanskrit root, sadhu,

which means "to go directly to a goal".


To apply routinely your mind, body and spirit

in pursuit of a spiritual goal is the most natural and efficient way to transcend the conditioned mind,

find relief from suffering and reach the ocean of peace and possibility that resides within you."


Become GROUNDed IN YOUR Daily Meditation PRACTICE!

Waking up early in the morning with the soft colors of sunrise streaming through your window. Happy to know that you are going to share with others who, like you, love to meditate. We start with gentle stretches and breathing exercises, followed by a guided meditation to delve into our inner world.

  • The 21 days of Meditation start on Monday March 7th until Sunday March the 27th.
  • The session is 30 minutes, starting at 6:30am until 7am EDT.
  • Even though it officially ends at 7:00am, those who would like to stay meditating longer with me can do so until 7:30am
  • Sessions are live using the Zoom Meetings platform.

The sessions will be recorded and you can access them at the time of your convenience.

Each session we explore different increasingly subtle tantric meditation portals, learning to recognize, become familiar with and honor the different aspects of our inner world.



1.-Discerning Sensations

2.-The Space of the Heart

3.-The Pause in the Breath



5.-Compassion, Self-love

6.-Everything is Divine, not judging your thoughts



7.-The Mantra

8.-The Japa Mala

9.-A foreign language


10.-The column of energy

11.-The energy of Desire

12.-Meditation in the Chakras




12.-Inner space

13.-Who am I?

14.- The fire of Consciousness

15.-The Ground of Being

16.-Everything is Perfect

17.-The Silence


18.-Savoring my existence

19.- Stop Searching

20.- I am Complete and Perfect

21.- Meditation on the 3 Hearts

What you will need:

  • A space to meditate
  • yoga-mat
  • Zafu or meditation cushion
  • Wifi access
  • Computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet
  • Zoom Meeting App
  • Comfortable clothing for meditation
  • Journal and Pen


Cost: US$108

tomás J. Rodríguez

A Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Teacher, I have cultivated practices for three decades that focus on consciousness, the body, as well as of the emotions, mind and spirit. When I met my spiritual teacher at 16, I received an initiation that forever changed my perception and awareness. The impact was so powerful that from then on I committed myself to the study and practice of Tantric Yoga. I continue to deepen my inner journey through daily practice, and extended residence in ashrams in New York and India. I find immense fulfillment in helping others to shift their awareness from suffering to states of calm and contentment.

Positive Testimonials on Tomas Meditation guidance

"Throughout my life I have gone through very difficult situations and to be honest I have never felt such inner peace. That which Tomás makes us feel as he speak to us from the depths of his being." - Rosario Ferrante, Miami, USA

“I loved the course. It has given me a lot of security, peace and tranquility. It has helped me to realize that nothing needs to be changed, that I don't have to struggle to meditate. I have learned to let go and that has helped me feel more at peace." - Amparo Hernández, Miami, USA

"I like what I feel. When I start the day after meditating, my thoughts or concerns about what I am going to do that day are clear and precise." ~ Zulema Zarzalejo, New York, USA