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The essence of inner work is to be able to respond constructively and inspiringly to life, from a space of clarity, strength, and inner guidance that you can access through a transformative practice. My name is Tomás Rodríguez, and I offer my services as a Mindfulness Coach. My intention is to guide you in the development of body-emotion-mind-awareness. When you become aware that much of your suffering is being generated from inside with your habitual thinking patterns, and commit to learn how to redirect your creative energy in constructive ways, you can free yourself from the conditions that generate pain and suffering. To do this, I invite you to explore bringing meditation, yoga and self-reflection practices into your life.

Nature photos by my brother: Miguel Rodríguez ig: @Auput


interview: my meditation journey

In this conversation we talk about how my spiritual path unfolded over the decades. We shared our realizations on the nature of existence and the structure of the egoic self. If you are currently not sure where you stand with your practice, I am sure this interview holds great insights for you.

NEw Virtual Meditation Hall

In this room I make accessible my library of meditation classes and courses. With a monthly payment you will have access to:

  • Guided meditations archive with new ones popping up weekly.
  • All the recordings of the meditation courses in which you have participated.