Tomás Rodríguez

Mindfulness Coach

Helping you move from the state of agitation, confusion and exhaustion

to the innate space of serenity, vitality and clarity of purpose.

Imagine yourself moving forward with confidence, breathing freely and with a clear path.



Feeling stable, safe and grounded is essential in any process of growth and expansion. As a Mindfulness Coach I seek to reconnect you with your innate self-trust and resources.


We cannot solve a problem from the state of consciousness from which we generate it. My role is to bring you a reflective space from where you can glimpse a broader reality that allows you to move forward.


Insight and intuition emerge when we recognize that the resources and answers are within us. My role is to generate this space for deep inner listening.

As a Mindfulness Coach I rely on these three fundamental disciplines.

You can start your path from any of these.

Learning to recognize and release what the body holds, regaining your essential vitality.

Freeing the mind from agitation so that you can access its underlying peace and clarity.

Listen to ourselves, reflect and commit to our  path of truth.