Mindfulness Coach

Meditation, yoga & Life Coaching

 To a great extent, a fulfilled life has to do with the attitude and outlook you bring toward the circumstances and events you encounter. There your emotional alphabet is manifested, in short, everything you bring from the inside out. Hence, the essence of inner work is to respond constructively and inspiredly to life, from a space of clarity, strength, and inner guidance. 


When you can be aware of what is arising within you, from moment to moment, you have the power to choose. You can free yourself of that which generates pain and suffering and embrace fully what you have chosen to do. With this in mind, is that I offer to my students the empowering tools that I've gained with my studies and practice of meditation, yoga and life coaching. 

Portrait by: Mauricio Gomez ig: @magoamoretti

Nature photos by my brother: Miguel Rodríguez ig: @Auput