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It is well known today that a fulfilled life has to do with the attitude and perspective with which you respond to the different circumstances and events in your life. There your emotional alphabet is manifested, in short, everything you bring from the inside out. Hence, the essence of inner work to respond constructively and inspiringly to life, from a space of clarity, strength, and inner guidance that you can access through a transformative practice. 


I am Tomás Rodríguez, your guide in the development of body-emotion-mind-consciousness. When you become aware of what you are generating inside with your habitual thinking patterns, and learn how to redirect your creative energy, you can free yourself from the conditions that generate pain and suffering. To do this, I invite you to explore bringing meditatión and self-reflection practices into your life.

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MODULE 1: initiation to Meditation

Learn to meditate at home! Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, increase happiness and improve general well-being. In this course, we will explore the fundamentals of meditation practice.  We meet once a week for 8 consecutive sessions. ONLINE COURSE. 

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