Online Meditation Course

Module 1: initiation to the practice of Meditation

Thursdays, 18:30 to 20:00 EDT

In this 8-week course, you will learn how to establish a fulfilling daily meditation practice and reconnect with your inner peace, well-being and enthusiasm.


Session 1: Meditation on the body.

Learn to recognize and release tensions, allowing the body to relax.


Session 2: Breathing.

Discover simple ways to calm the mind with the flow of the breath.


Session 3: Meditation on emotions.

Learn to recognize emotional states and how to allow repressed energy to flow and dissipate.


Session 4: Meditation on self-love.

Experience the wisdom of self-compassion as an instrument of healing and empowerment.


Session 5: Meditation with mantras

Gain a direct experience of the effect of ancient mantras and their power to bring the mind into stillness.


Session 6: Meditation with affirmations

Discover the power of words to generate new realities, and insights into how they can bind or liberate us.


Session 7: Meditation with visualization

Connect with your inner energy centers or chakras and learn to increase the flow of conscious energy using visualizations.


Session 8: Conclusions

We will learn to integrate these rich and diverse meditation practices.

This Module includes

  • 8 consecutive group sessions.
  • Weekly instruction with yoga and meditation teacher Tomás Rodríguez.
  • Learn 7 new techniques to enter deeper states of meditation.
  • Stretching sessions.
  • Breathwork session.
  • Helpful course materials that you can access online.

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Course registration: $155

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tomás J. Rodríguez

A Mindfulness Coach and Yoga Teacher, I have cultivated practices for three decades that focus on consciousness, the body, as well as of the emotions, mind and spirit. When I met my spiritual teacher at 16, I received an initiation that forever changed my perception and awareness. The impact was so powerful that from then on I committed myself to the study and practice of Tantric Yoga. I continue to deepen my inner journey through daily practice, and extended residence in ashrams in New York and India. I find immense fulfillment in helping others to shift their awareness from suffering to states of calm and contentment.
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"I see great progress, and I feel very happy and motivated by it. A thousand thanks for your work and dedication to our group. You are making a difference in my life and I consider you one of my mentors and teachers on this spiritual path." ~ Liliana Ary, Texas, USA.

"Through the meditations I became aware of deeply held emotions and belief systems that were generating a state of disharmony within me, which had been holding me back and causing pain. By using the techniques, I experienced beautiful moments of release, clarity, and new understandings."- Giselle Marzo, Miami, USA

“Thanks to the teachings of Tomás, I have discovered a great love for this discipline and enjoy its benefits every day. What I have liked the most is the humility with which he teaches. This makes your message get through and it becomes a tool that we can use at all times ”. - Susana Ceccato, Miami, USA

"Throughout my life I have gone through very difficult situations and to be honest I never felt such inner peace, that which you make us feel when you speak to us with your heart in your hand and from the depths of your being." - Rosario Ferrante, Miami, USA

“I have loved the course. It has given me a lot of security, peace and quiet. It has helped me to realize that I don't need to change or fight anything to meditate. I have learned to let go and that has helped me feel more peace. "- Amparo Hernández, Miami, USA

"I like the way I feel. When I start the day after meditating, my thought about what I am going to do that day is clear and precise." ~ Zulema Zarzalejo, New York, USA